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This is the fourth episode of the Kurlee and Franko podcast. This podcast is dedicted to the late great homie Kindred “Stinkweed” McCune. We tell some stories. Then we interview the legend that is Kalmex. He has played in many legendary Redwood City bands including Plutocracy, No Le$$, Kalmex and the Riffmerchants and Redacted. He shares some stories about himself and Stinkweed. Enjoy this podcast. We had fun making it.

Frank Ripple is the bassist in many bands from Nor Cal including, Kalmex and the Riffmerchants, Agents of Satan, Go Like This, Elephantman and Redacted. He joined forces with me to form a podcast.

This podcast mainly talks about beer and music. With many memories of ours back in the West Bay. And about our friends in such bands as Plutocracy, Spazz, Immortal Fate and more.

Please listen to the podcast and make an honest opinion. Remember this is the first of many podcasts we will be recording and sharing. We are using about $50 worth of equipment so far so if we get good at this stuff, we will be buying proper equipment.

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A 2001 demo of the song Switchblade by Kalmex And The Riffmerchants. This version features Stinkweed on guitar and vocals. The studio version is on the unreleased LP, Ultrasonic Holocaust, recorded in 2002, after Stinkweed’s departure from the band. Demo version recorded by TC Boneloc at the band’s rehearsal spot.

SnowMan, from Immortal Fate, No Le$$, Alta Mira, Kalmex and the Riffmerchants etc., has a new band called DISINHIBITION. PowerViolence 4 LIFE!!!!

DISINHIBITION – 12/22/13 @ Burnt Ramen – FULL SET

Rest in Paradise Stinkweed! #FlashBackFriday

Go Like This Stanford 90.1 KZSU Wednesday Night Live

Doom Ryder.z Redwood City. Dank Daddeez. West Bay Coalition. 650

Kalmex and the Riffmerchants KZSU ’05 #FlashBackFriday

Thanks to Frankie Ripple for the upload. Dank Daddeez for LIFE!!!

GO LIKE THIS Self Deception

West Bay Coalition – Doom Ryders – Redwood City Dank Daddee’s – 650 – PDM – 2DS

Kalmex & the Riff Merchants “Fit Only For Extermination”