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Here’s a turntablist competition I recorded on cassette tape in 2001 on the Dog House 94.9FM. It features the following DJ’s:

DJ Isaac
DJ Sugar Shane
DJ Poison
DJ Smooth
DJ Dark Day
DJ Stroke Man
DJ Rocky Rock
DJ Square 1
DJ Replay

The highlight was the Fingerbanger crew from San Jose destroyed the tables. And Rocky Rock schooled everyone. Enjoy.

Legendary clip from ITF 2003

Alphonso Henderson aka Dj.Aladdin became well known by gaining notoriety in New York by battling DJ’s in the D.M.C. (Disco Mixing Championships). In 1989 he became the East Coast DJ Champion. DJ Aladdin was one of choose few that gained east coast respect, accepting him with a combination of east and west coast DJ styles combined into one. With a DJ style of his own, he excelled to London, battling DJ’s all over the world coming in 2nd place out of over 50 DJ’s from every country. In the 80’s DJ Aladdin also DJ’ed on the original K-Day Radio Station, and become part of the K-Day Mixmaster’s. DJ Aladdin expanded his music talents by producing artist such as Ice T, King tee, and W.C. DJ Aladdin produced Ice T’s LP “O.G.” which went gold on Warner Bros. Records, the theme song from “New Jack City” titled “New Jack Hustler (with Ice T), the remix for “Get Off” for the artist formally known as Prince, and “Depths of Hell” for the soundtrack to the movie “Trespass” starring Ice T and Ice Cube. DJ Aladdin made his debut on MTV mixing on the “Dr. Dre & Ed Lover” show in the 90’s, giving him world wide fame among the Hip Hop society branding him a legend in the DJ world info from Dicogs.

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