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November 30th, 2001
San Francisco, CA

A fucking awesome tribute to my man Kindred McCune AKA Stinkweed. Go check this shit out. Dude made a compilation of a lot of Stinkweed’s bands including Plutocracy, Agents of Satan, No Le$$, Torture Unit, Meat Shits, Go Like This, ShedWellas, Shadow People and more. As well as many album uploads of Kindo’s bands. Go check this shit out. Props to the author.


SIXBREWBANTHA live at ExZess, Frankfurt am Main // Germany

CYCLOPS “Pincer’s Movement” music video by Chris Dodge (1989)

R.I.P. Big Boy and Stinkweed

NO LE$$ in Denver 8.13.97 (1)

SPAZZ – 12/02/00 @ 924 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA – FULL SET

Infest / No Comment / Man Is The Bastard / SPAZZ /Charles Bronson

ACxDC – Second Coming EP