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Six Brew Bantha Intravenously Commodified LP [2014] Grindcore SPHC, To Live a Lie Records, Dead Heroes Records 00:00 The Architect 02:01 Mass Surveillance 03:24 Intravenously Commodified 05:02 Shadow Banking 07:14 Anti-Music Part 2 08:27 Perception Asleep 10:43 Belligerent Apathy 11:28 Development 13:19 Trampled to Death

Stress Ghetto hit me up about our podcast. Their shit is dope. So I posted it. Enjoy. And buy their shit!

Produced by Trece
Recorded at JDS Studios
Mixed by Joel Duarte
art work by Freddy Muñoz



O.G.’s Reign Supreme


REDACTED Mardi Gras Lounge Redwood City 20May2017 Part 1

INVERTEBRATE – Mardi Gras Lounge – Redwood City – 20May2017