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Spray Can Art #LEGEND

40 cans in one night? Holy fuck!!!!!

TagsAndThrows got the chance to follow legendary Swedish graffiti bomber Ligisd out on the streets of Oslo, as he’s getting his name up. A unique view into the heart of graffiti – tags and throw-ups. This time around backed up by fellow FY Crew member Xeno. Filmed during one night.



During six weeks in the summer of 2016, TagsAndThrows had the unique chance of follow 5 graffiti bombers born and raised in New York as they were getting their names up on the walls of the Mecca of graffiti.

Minute 2:02 KLOPS gets out in traffic and bombs the freeway. Gangstah Shit!!!

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Made with neither quill nor can, Niels “Shoe” Meulman paints his “calligraffiti,” text art which combines the craft of calligraphy with the urban attitude of graffiti, on unorthodox canvases and with untraditional means. That prefix—”un”—is key to the Amsterdam-based artist and designer, a series of four identical strokes which create a meditative rhythm and open a world of creative possibility. For Art Basel Miami, he covers a vintage limousine in the faux-Gothic lettering of Latino gang graffiti, and drives the Unruly Limo on the streets of Miami and San Francisco. It is a stylish, California-centric version of the subway cars which used to carry tags around New York City.

Nekst Forever

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Nekst Forever