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5 years ago a GOD left this earth. His name was Kindred “Stinkweed” McCune. Rest in Paradise brother. You will never be forgotten. And you music was a gift to each and everyone of us.

Rest in Paradise Stinkweed Malone.


A fucking awesome tribute to my man Kindred McCune AKA Stinkweed. Go check this shit out. Dude made a compilation of a lot of Stinkweed’s bands including Plutocracy, Agents of Satan, No Le$$, Torture Unit, Meat Shits, Go Like This, ShedWellas, Shadow People and more. As well as many album uploads of Kindo’s bands. Go check this shit out. Props to the author.

Words of one Ramon Salcido: “40 year olds driving in a van 11 hours to play grindcore for thirty people. That’s what we do.” O.G. Type Shit!!!! #RedwoodCity #650 #RIPStinkweed #DankDaddees

Redwood City’s Finest

Rest in Paradise Stinkweed! #FlashBackFriday

Go Like This Stanford 90.1 KZSU Wednesday Night Live

Thanks to Frankie Ripple for the upload. Dank Daddeez for LIFE!!!

GO LIKE THIS Self Deception

FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freedom Denied(Ex-Plutocracy) performing on 6-22-13 at The Gilman.