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Here it is, the final trailer for The Doom Doc! Featuring interviews and footage from Bill Ward, Kirk Windstein from Crowbar, Conan, PRIMITIVE MAN, Oozing Wound, Slabdragger, Kurokuma, Wet Nuns, Under, MOWER, Lunar Maria, Kez from Terrorizer and plenty more.

#420 #StonerRock

NOOTHGRUSH is an amazing band, and if you disagree we can handle this “East Coast style”. This was at the Metro Operahouse in Oakland, CA on February 18th, 2016. Coffins were supposed to play, but they were denied entry into the US. Despite that, the turnout was great and it was an energetic show. It was also a few days after Dino’s 45th birthday, so it starts off with cupcakes and a happy birthday song.

Goya – Obelisk

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