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O.G.’s Reign Supreme

INVERTEBRATE – Mardi Gras Lounge – Redwood City – 20May2017

HEALER – Mardi Gras Lounge – Redwood City – 20May2017

5 years ago a GOD left this earth. His name was Kindred “Stinkweed” McCune. Rest in Paradise brother. You will never be forgotten. And you music was a gift to each and everyone of us.

Throw Back Thursday #TBT

A little Carcass riff in the middle. #RedwoodCityGrindCore #Powerviolence #Redacted #650

Dank Daddees  by Kurlee Daddee Productions. Hip Hop Mix 3. Push play and Enjoy.

Play list coming soon.

After a long lay off, we are back with a dope ass podcast. Lots of music in this one featuring Plutocracy, D-Styles and Melo-D, No Le$$, Westside Gunn and more. More beer drinking courtesy of Lagunitas Ales, Olde English and Buffalo Bills.

If you liked our last few podcasts, you will enjoy this one. For sure. Dank Daddees for LIFE. Peace out. 2 stoges.

@danlactose Oh SHIT Son!!!!

Rest in Paradise Stinkweed Malone.