From my DRUM Show archives. Many more to come. ENJOY!

Not my vid. Found this on zombieburnings page. Damn, they are all so young.


Another classic that Chrissy filmed. DBE at KZSU Takeover in 2000. DJ Eons with the supplied DAT recording. Digitized and video to audio splice by your’s truly. Enjoy.

Not sure who these MC’s are but they can flow. Anyone identify them. Please comment. They were on our local radio station during the early 90’s. Peace.

Impaled – May 14 2000

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More video shot by Chrissy. Digitized by me. Enjoy.

RIP Paul C. This has to be one of his MASTERPIECES!!! Everything is perfect. And Kool Keith on the MIC. Headnod.

Talking with Brewmasta last night on Spexxx IG mix, he mentioned an idea of an Expendables (The Movie) type mix, but playing early tracks of Hip-Hop legends. Some that people may never heard or known. Here’s what I put together for volume 1. I got enough tracks for Volume 2 later. I want you to guess each Legend from each song first. Have fun.


Tracklist up. How did you do?


Spectrum City – Lies ( CHUCK D)
C.I.A. – Jus 4 The Cash
Geto Boys – Making Trouble
Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Original Version) (feat. Kool G Rap)
Eric B and Rakim. – Eric B. For President
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
EPMD – Hardcore
Art Of Origin – Into The Pit
Main Source – Live At The Barbeque
Lord Finesse – Yes You May – (remix)
Leaders of the New School – Sound of the Zeekers
Company Flow – Collude-Intrude

This one’s super rare. Kool Keith called up with Sir Menelik to talk to and Jake the Snake on The DRUM Show. Peep game.

I made this mix and put it up on Soundcloud 4 years ago and A LOT of people like this. So now it up on YouTube to enjoy. And if you like this I got more cookies and cakes to share. Enjoy. (I got 14 copyright hits for posting this. HAHA!)

From Chrissy’s video cam. DJ Eons with the DAT sound. Audio and video syncing by your’s truly. Enjoy!!!