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Music Tracklist:

1. Rappin Rodney
2. Attitude Adjustment- Grey World
3. Christ On A Crutch
4. Government Issue- Hey Ronnie
5. Government Issue- Lie Cheat And Steel
6. Annihilation Time- Razor
7. Rolex- Hip Intellect
8. Rolex- Brazen Deceit
9. Zeke- Let’s Get Drugs
10. Zeke- Rip And Destroy
11. Assrash- Pity
12. Youth Gone Mad- High School Slut
13. Negative Step- Dead In Two Capitols
14. Showcase Showdown- Girl Power
15. Universal Order- Painfully Obvious
16. Born Against- I Am An Idiot
17. Sidetracked- “9 Songs Of Washington Crap”
18. Hummingbird Of Death- “5 Tunes Of Bored Idaho Metalhead Nonsense
19. Sleeping Body- Bleeding Heart Shit
20. The Fartz- Heroes Cum Home In Boxes
21. Murphy’s Law- Skinhead Rebel
22. Spazz- Let’s Fucking Go
23. Plutocracy- West Bay Policy
24. End Result- Control
25. Visual Discrimination- Enough Said
26. Weasel Walter- Bohemian Rhapsody

Props to Jessie Simmers for sending me this tape. This tape is 33 years old and it shows. So many memories at this show. Enjoy.

Props to Seightan for finding this. Anyone have the Morbid Angel set from this show? I want to see myself giving middle fingers to David Vincent. HAHHAHA. 40 oz times. #WBAD

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