Waste Management Radio Episode 21

Posted: April 20, 2021 in Uncategorized

Music Tracklist:

1. Rappin Rodney
2. Attitude Adjustment- Grey World
3. Christ On A Crutch
4. Government Issue- Hey Ronnie
5. Government Issue- Lie Cheat And Steel
6. Annihilation Time- Razor
7. Rolex- Hip Intellect
8. Rolex- Brazen Deceit
9. Zeke- Let’s Get Drugs
10. Zeke- Rip And Destroy
11. Assrash- Pity
12. Youth Gone Mad- High School Slut
13. Negative Step- Dead In Two Capitols
14. Showcase Showdown- Girl Power
15. Universal Order- Painfully Obvious
16. Born Against- I Am An Idiot
17. Sidetracked- “9 Songs Of Washington Crap”
18. Hummingbird Of Death- “5 Tunes Of Bored Idaho Metalhead Nonsense
19. Sleeping Body- Bleeding Heart Shit
20. The Fartz- Heroes Cum Home In Boxes
21. Murphy’s Law- Skinhead Rebel
22. Spazz- Let’s Fucking Go
23. Plutocracy- West Bay Policy
24. End Result- Control
25. Visual Discrimination- Enough Said
26. Weasel Walter- Bohemian Rhapsody

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