Seightan Approved Slaps – W.B.A.D. Vol. 1

Posted: November 27, 2020 in Uncategorized


Caged animal – fake ass scene
211 – out the jacket
Dripping – within myself
Erupt part 2 pluto faista attack
Ecoli- big stupid ape
Morbid life society- skatewasted
Vomit tar
Scalped- at a cross
Emetic – junkAlatte
Imitation copy – the factor
Down n dirty hustlas – out the swamp
Vulgar pigeons – Carney Lansford
Second opinion – 650
Caged animal – respect
Oregon trail
Dos amigos – Intro feat Mc Stnkdank (unreleased)
Deadbodieseverywhere – petophile
Shadow People – Wizard of War
Yadokai – Cowards
Ecoli – Gestation
Discontent – Alone in the gutter
My pussy hurts / bullshit excuse
Bastard noise & the riffmerchants – midlife meltdown
Ecoli – whites will inherit the earth
Question of existence
Sean T – as a youngsta (remix)
West bay policy

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