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Happy Birthday Kindred Stinkweed McCune. This had to be posted on his birthday. Dat sound by DJ Eons. Video by Chrissy. Video conversion and dat matchup by Kurlee Daddee Productions. Pour one out for Stinko today.

Plutocracy – Reality Demo

Posted: September 25, 2020 in Uncategorized

In celebrating Kindred’s birthday, I posted this demo. Jessie on Vox. Max on drums. Is that Mike Long on bass? And Kalmex and Stinkweed on guitars?

Max will see this. Hit me with info dawggie.

We are 1 week away from Kindred’s birthday. I have been saving these last 2 videos to celebrate Stinkweeds birthday. Enjoy!!!

Second installment of my CD collection. This one from 90-93. Didn’t make a playlist. My bad. Enjoy it

DISCLAIMER: If you get easily offended and are a soft bitch do not listen to this podcast.*

This is episode 22. Frank is in RARE form. We call up the homie Seightan and we get faded. The End.

Our band, HARD FOUL, got put on another comp. Peep it at HIGH volume.

Radioactive Lunch – First Show

Posted: September 5, 2020 in Uncategorized

From Franko’s VCR tape archives. Here is one of the first shows Radioactive Lunch played. Enjoy. What year?