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This upload is by request from eatenbymaggots. He already posted this video but wanted to see if mine had better audio. The audio is decent on this one but the video is horrible. I usually don’t double dip, but this was requested. Enjoy.

More vids from Chrissy. Not sure of the location. Comment if you know. Enjoy!

Franko had me digitize a bunch of tapes of old footage for him. This was off a tape of several Radioactive Lunch practice sessions. The video was completely jacked so I took the audio from it. Still sick as fuck. I will make a vid of this too and post it on youtube at a later date. Enjoy.

From my DRUM Show archives. Many more to come. ENJOY!

Not my vid. Found this on zombieburnings page. Damn, they are all so young.


Another classic that Chrissy filmed. DBE at KZSU Takeover in 2000. DJ Eons with the supplied DAT recording. Digitized and video to audio splice by your’s truly. Enjoy.

Not sure who these MC’s are but they can flow. Anyone identify them. Please comment. They were on our local radio station during the early 90’s. Peace.

Impaled – May 14 2000

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More video shot by Chrissy. Digitized by me. Enjoy.

RIP Paul C. This has to be one of his MASTERPIECES!!! Everything is perfect. And Kool Keith on the MIC. Headnod.