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Head Honchoz – Zak1, Icognito Gino, Tizoe DiVinci and Young Nach the Watchman. From the box of tapes given to me from Franko via Chrissy. Many more vids to come. Enojoy.

Shadow People – Stinkweed Malone, Tizoe DaVinci and DJ Eons One.


Plutocracy at the Gilman Aug 12 2000. From the box of tapes I got from Franko via Chrissy. Many more to come. Enjoy!!!


Plutocracy at The Gilman – May 27 2000. Video coming soon.

Used the audio of this to make sure all the levels of my digitizing were on point. Enjoy.


This is one of MANY shows that I will be posting in the near future. Chrissy filmed all this newly found footage. She gave it to Franko who in turn gave it to me. It was given to me in tape form and I digitized it to share it with all of you.  Enjoy.

BASSGAPER – Current Events

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So necessary!!!!