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Give thanks. Its Black Friday. Enjoy the mix. And the rain. Peace.


Crime Apple – D’Angelo Vickers
Westside Gunn – Kool G (Feat. Conway & Benny The Butcher) (Prod. By Alchemist & Daringer)
Anklejohn – Good Orderly Devine feat. Rahiem Supreme
Ray Vandetta – 104 Luminal Aftermaths feat. Doc Voodoo & Jonny Data
Mooch – Poison (feat. Daniel Son)
Asun Eastwood-Wordly Ways
Al.Divino & Raticus-Never (Henny Fifth) feat. Rome Streetz
DJ Muggs x Tha God Fahim – Black Talons feat. Your Old Droog & Mach-Hommy
Jay Nice x Farma Beats – Earl Simmons feat. Left Lane Didon & Rome Streetz
Brother Ali – Red feat. Evidence
Rahiem Supreme – LTOS & GOD feat. Ankhlejohn
Griselda – Scotties
Daniel Son x Futurewave – Don’t Spill feat. Rome Streetz
Nowaah The Flood – Speak The Truth feat. Al.Divino

Saafir – Light Sleepers

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Gravediggaz – Nowhere to Run

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Organized Confusion – Stress

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We are back from a long layoff. We get right back into it with some music from Sunami, GxFR, Foghorn, Crimeapple, etc. Then we call up the homie Seightan, from Healer and get faded. Enjoy.

Fongus – Bala De Plata

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Props to Seightan again.

fongus metal mexicano de Guadalajara

Props to Seightan for the find:

Mass Hypnosia is a thrash metal band from the eastern fringes of Metro Manila’s derelict urban landscape. These drunk addicts have given us a taste of true violence, death, and horror. Untouched by the blinding ineptitude that plagues the local Philippine band scene they guard their underground ideology with a fence of barbwired independence. They have stocked their arsenal with an incomparable and uncompromising barrage of hate and strife that is heard clear and precise within their riffs and the disturbingly intent nature of the band’s murderous vocal screams. Yet, Mass Hypnosia is not contented. Slowly gaining notoriety and status on the Filipino underground music community, founder Karl Rosales kept and still keeps the fire burning despite several lineup changes. Since their 2011 demo (Blood Spotted Bullet Face) the band focuses on a matured, raw and gritty sound which would become the prototype of the new direction the band is bound on. All this cumulating in the release of “Toxiferous Cyanide”: An album full of raw and energetic thrash metal which sounds as thrash should sound!