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CONNOISSEUR – August 17th, 2019 @ Colonial Cafe, Sacramento, CA


976 “Avoid The Thirteen” LP 1. Avoid The Thirteen 2. New Religion 3. Son Of John 4. Pulled 5. Que Tutras? 6. 24 7. Crime Control 8. The Man Will Not… 9. Foot Soldier 10. One More To Go 11. #s Game 12. A Tale Of Pork Products 13. Up Against The Wall 976 was: Dan Hogan, Jerry Gutierrez, Lucas, Marshall Choy, and Scott Montgomery. 976 was a grindcore/thrash band from Mountain View, California. I don’t own the copyright to this recording. Just sharing for people to hear. If anyone in the band doesn’t want this out there please message me and I will remove it immediately.

Nolan The Ninja – SPORTEE

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Killa Kidz Killa Kidz are Prince A.D. (Killa Sha, R.I.P.), Mr. Ruck (Ruc Da Jackal), Supurb, Psycho Child (Mr. Challish aka Challace) & Baby Cham

01. Time 2 Shine 00:00

02. Timing 06:03

03. Streets Is Real 10:28

04. ’96 Phenomenon 15:57

05. Feel Slugs 20:36 .

06. City Of Panic (Radio Version) 24:23

“What’s Next Guys?” HOT LAVA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking DESTROY!!!!

Tim Simmers – Kindred Spirits

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Jesse Simmers Dad, also known as Tim SImmers wrote this song about his good friend Kindred McCune. As Jesse explained in our Podcast, Tim and Kindred became good friends because they both had a love and passion for music.

I am very honored to be able to post this up for the WORLD to hear. And thank you Jesse for letting us know about this gem of a song and allowing everyone else to hear it. Much love.



Thought I’d share some rare gems I have stored back in the archives. And some that need to be posted for others to hear. Enjoy. I got more where these came from. Soon to come.


Rome Streetz Freestyle with DJ Premier on Shade 45
Cormega and Nas Freestyle
Wise Intelligent Freestyle on the DRUM Show
Lord Finesse and Big L Freestyle on Stretch and Bobbito Show
Notorious B.I.G. Freestyle Damn
Conway the Machine and Benny the Butcher on Shade 45
Ras Kass and VooDoo Freestyle on the DRUM Show
Your Old Droog on 5 Fingers of Death
Akineyle and Large Professor Freestyle on Stretch and Bobbito
Saafir vs Casual Battle Bar for Bar
Kool Keith and Xzibit on Stretch and Bobbito

Kurlee and Franko interview the first vocalist of Plutocracy – Jesse Simmers. He goes into detail with tons of stories about Stinkweed and all the old school OG Redwood City homies. Check it:

Opaqus hit me up offering me to help fix the interview with Jesse Simmers. It does sound better. Thank you Opaqus for fixing the podcast. You Da Man!!!

Go check out his Opaqus Records music and swag here: