Fiesta Comes Alive! Slap a Ham Records 1997

Posted: February 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

RESPECT Tracklist 1 –Lack Of Interest My Life 2 –Lack Of Interest Social Inequality 3 –Excruciating Terror Addiction 4 –Bludgeon Kill GOD 5 –Dystopia (3) Backstabber 6 –No Comment (3) Dead Stare For Life 7 –No Comment (3) Distant 8 –No Comment (3) Lament 9 –No Comment (3) Skin Rape (Soiled By Hate) 10 –Cavity (3) Burning My Eyes 11 –Plutocracy Dankstahz 12 –Discordance Axis Panoptic 13 –Phobia (6) Internal Rot 14 –Agents Of Satan Castigo Del Brujo 15 –Locust, The Emaciation Fuckers 16 –Gob (2) Columbian Nectie 17 –Enemy Soil Group Think 18 –Nuclear Armed Hogs Diff’rent Strokes 19 –Man Is The Bastard Heretic’s Fork 20 –Man Is The Bastard Ether Rag 21 –Man Is The Bastard Instantly Beat 22 –Man Is The Bastard Semen In The Eysocket Of Thomas Lenz 23 –Stapled Shut Killer Breed 24 –No Less Balls Deep 25 –His Hero Is Gone T Minus Zero 26 –Noothgrush Gage 27 –Spazz Might For Right 28 –Evolved To Obliteration Picked A Fight 29 –Crossed Out Pure Delusion 30 –Crossed Out Practiced Hatred 31 –Benümb Beyond Fucked 32 –MDC (2) Nazis Shouldn’t Drive 33 –Cattlepress* My Only Wish Is To Destroy 34 –Cop Out* Untitled 35 –Cop Out* Over There 36 –Hellnation Silent Bigot 37 –Utter Bastard Macho Man 38 –Capitalist Casualties Rumor Mill 39 –Capitalist Casualties Fuck The Christians 40 –Capitalist Casualties Roll Over & Play Dead

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