After many collaborations, freestyles, and guest verses on other respected artists projects, Jay NiCE finally presents a personal body of work of his own, The NiCE Tape. The tape is a homage to different legendary artists past and present, such as renditions of classic records like GhostFace Killah’s “Stay True” and “Stroke Of Death”. The feel of the tape is gritty 90’s with a newer texture. Fans will be overjoyed to hear NiCE’s solo effort after hearing him on the street-themed album “Ready Rock Vol. 1 & 2” with BOE cohort Money *MAG* and also the classic album “My Brother’s Keeper” with Marty, his brother. If fly, lyrical lingo is your type of music, The NiCE Tape covers all bases.…… 1 – Intro 2 – The Return 3 – 数字在篮板上 4 – 88 ft. RUSH 5 – Bobby Fischer 6 – Ghosts ft. Left Lane Didon 7 – Greek Tragedy ’74 ft. Marty & RUSH 8 – Elimination Cage Match ’98 ft. Heist Da Kid, Relay, Chris Skillz & RUSH 9 – Cold City ft. RUSH 10 – Stroke Of Death ft. Chapman 11 – Stay You 12 – Hold It Down ft. Marty 13 – Brother’s Keeper (Outro)

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