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When DJ Muggs was at the Top of the food chain. God damn his beats were on point. Were. #FBF #FlashBackFriday

#WayBackWednesday #WBW

Hugh E. MC mentioned. Kindred would be proud!!!!

#FBF #FlashBackFriday

“Mr. Big de Free” festival Live Isle of Wight 1970.


In a world where Hip hop has turned into a commercials for clothes and brands and fake criminal lifestyle it´s refreshing listening to traditional story telling rap .

via 2016 LIB Hip Hop CYPHER — Liberian ME


New rule: honor thy style fathers. After losing so many of our musical heroes this past year, it’s time to stop waiting until the greats are gone to pay respect. J.PERIOD’s new series “RESPECT THE DJ” pays tribute to legendary hip hop DJ/producers who changed the game–and continue to. No better way to kick things off than with a mini-mix tribute to one of the greatest hip hop producers of all-time — DJ Premier — on his 51st birthday.

Over that Marcy beat.

Its never to late to pay your respect. #RIPChuckBerry

Officially signed to Griselda Records BENNY drops “RICK” The DARINGER produced first single from his NEW project


This is episode 11 of our podcast. We were sent a special treat from Brandon Serrano and Bob Wagner of HenHouse Brewing Company up in Santa Rosa, CA. They sent us two of their beers that had been brewed only one day prior. And a few other bangers, Ninja vs. Unicorn from Pipeworks Brewing Company and Leo V. Ursus from Firestone Brewing Company. As you will hear it started out sober but took us down at the end.

Much props to you guys up in Santa Rosa. We would love to see some of that beer sold and distributed down here. Make it happen. And if you are ever up in Santa Rosa and doing a beer visit, go check them out. You won’t be disappointed.