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Can’t wait to visit this brewery when we visit Isla again. Nice article.


Yup, this is a forthcoming brewery on an island in the Caribbean. Yup, this is a forthcoming brewery on an island in the Caribbean.

Hola, amigos! I just returned from Cancun and the immensely popular, laid-back island of Isla Mujeres — just a short ferry ride from the hotel zone in Cancun. Prior to my arrival, as usual, I feverishly studied the things we might want to do in the few short days we were there. In my research I found some information about a new brewery set to open soon on Isla Mujeres. This is a big deal, because it’s very difficult to get craft beer anywhere in the islands/Caribbean. Hoping to use my beer-writing persona to my advantage, I made several attempts to contact the owner for an early preview of his brewing operation. Unfortunately, I was never able to get in touch with Isla Brewing Company’s owner, Jeff McGahee.

Following a festive ferry ride complete with entertainment (a singing…

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Fucking AWESOME movie. Their music was REALLY REALLY good. A lot of doom/Stoner Rock influences early in the movie as well. Must see for all you punk rock/hardcore fans.


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AC/DC – Nervous Shakedown #FBF

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Since my daughter has a fascination with AC/DC, she re-introduced me to this song. The riff in the song fucking kills. #ACDC #FBF