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Redwood City influence. Peep the Plutocracy sticker on his Russian bike. So dope.

Def Jux documentary from 2002 titled Bazooka Tooth. VHS copy.

Completely underrated group. El-P. Completely underrated MC. Period. #TBT

One of the most underrated MC’s of all time. #TBT

R.I.P. to one of the greatest MC’s to ever live. #TBT

One of my all time favorite Gang Starr tracks. Funny that it is a Large Pro beat and not a Preemo beat. #TBT

One of the ONLY Jay-Z songs I like. That beat though. #TBT


Old To The New - Ryan Proctor's Beats, Rhymes & Hip-Hop Nostalgia

S.O.N. & Don Streat ft. DJ Grazzhoppa – “The One” (@theSONzone /2015)

M.W.P.-produced dopeness from the “Bmore 2 Denmark” compilation featuring Senica Da Misfit, ILL Conscious, Macabeats and more.

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