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Oddisee – The Beauty In All (Instrumental Album)

L’Orange & Stik Figa – Smoke Rings

Trek Life – Just The Music (prod. Duke Westlake)

Quelle Chris – Long Tokes (feat. Cavalier)

Hard for me to post because its on the border of radio played isht. But GOD DAMN! Peep Lyricism. WOW!!!!

One Dae – “Bang This” (prod by Marco Polo)

#TBT #ThrowBackThursday

That drum loop though. #FIRE

More B-Boy routine songs from 1983-84. #TBT ThrowBackThursday

Not Hip-Hop, but our favorite B-Boy routine song back in the day. 1983-84. Everytime I hear this song I am brought way back to being a B-Boy. Adidas sweatsuits. Suede Puma’s. Fat laces. Those were the days. #TBT #ThrowBackThursday