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Powerviolence Music

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Powerviolence is a sub-genre of Hardcore Punk, taking the Hardcore aspect of Punk and pushing it to its extreme. The term was coined my Matt Domino in 1989 and was first heard in the song “H.S.M.P.” by pioneering band Man Is The Bastard. Many people cite fhe first wave of Powerviolence ending in 2000 when influencial pioneering band Spazz played their last show on 924 Gilman Street and when the seminal Powerviolence label Slap-A-Ham closed its doors yet bands like Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, and Mind Eraser (among others) keep the genre alive today.

Infest-In His Name
Capitalist Casualties-Self-Abuse
Vile Intent-Teeth
Despise You-I End Me
No Comment-Hacked Into Chunks
Dead Language-Taking Control
Man Is The Bastard-Idget Child
Iron Lung-Contested
Crossed Out-Vacuum

Glam stands for Gay LA Metal HAHAHAHA

NY Hardcore Documentary

We spent a day with World famous DJ/producer The Alchemist, who has been part of the Soul Assassins family since the early 90s. From studio to barbershop and everything green and in-between, we roll with Al as he discusses what Soul Assassins means to him and gives a sneak peek of the new Fall 2011 Soul Assassins line. Products will be available in stores and online mid-August 2011.

Bet you didn’t know that.