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Something to get blunted to and TURN WAY UP!!!!

Powerviolence from Colombia

Sordo​/​Chulo – Split


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So dope

ATOT - All About Music

Quaint little report from 1988 on the ‘new’ art of sampling featuring familiar faces like Coldcut, Ice T and a pre-Fresh Prince Will Smith. Interesting counter views from the artists affected too – Tom Petty, Steve Stevens and err…The Turtles (me neither.) Petty’s comments about artists stealing work sound pretty hollow now sampling is so ubiquitous. And he’d obviously completely changed his tune by the time Pimp C lifted whole chunks of Petty’s ‘Free Fallin’ for ‘I’m Free.’ Them royalties cheques make good reading. Some quality 80s garms in there too fashion fans.


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Gangstarr-Above The Clouds

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The Modern Poets

Guru is my favourite MC of all time!

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