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Finally, yes, my first hardcore/grind post. Its here.

I have been listening to these guys for a year or more and they fucking rule. I talk to people and most have never heard of them. Here’s a little bit about them:

“Presto? are something similar yet also quite different. For the sake of putting two things together for the sheer fun of the image in my mind, Presto? sounds like the bastardized child of Los Crudos and Eyehategod, or maybe some of the doomier Enewetak, seeing as how the longest song on this album is 1:11. They use a far lower end of the spectrum to bludgeon their point right into your head. You may get hives from listening to this record

Presto? are a Brazillian band who sing in Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, if this doesnt want to make you overthrow governments, and I mean plural, like, all of them, then youre just not getting it or youre in the wrong building altogether. Presto? drops ridiculous riffs within a 30 second period, going from full on blast beats to awesome punk hardcore and then unleashing an atonal doom riff that makes your spleen pump 12 times more blood. If you made it through Assück then youre adrenaline is already maxed and your heart is straining to put up with the extra stress. By the time you get to Presto? your heart is actually doing a circle pit inside your chest.

The title means Pure Concentrated Hate and that is pretty much what you get here. Its nothing but smiles for these guys as they generously start off the record with dirt caked bass riff that is slowed down. Its a land speed record of grinding atonality from there on out. One amazing highlight is Potencial Pra Nada which starts off like a Crudos song veering into absurd blast beats and choppy breakdowns before shearing off all sense of hope and light with stupendous riff that would make many doom bands want to put down the bong and start writing doomy grind core. There are many of these moments on this record.”

If you like the hardcore aspect of Powerviolence, the speed of Grindcore, and the harshness of Brutal Death Metal, this ones for you. Enjoy!