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DJ Premier Time Once Again

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

EDIT: Sorry wasn’t feeling these enough. Here are the replacements.

I am feeling the need for some more DJ Premier. You? Here’s a couple more tracks to get your ready for the weekend. Enjoy.

Fat Joe – That White

So, as the story goes. We just moved into our new place a few months ago, and I knew I had a box full of mix tapes I bought off Ebay. Well my eyes lit up because I just found them.

Years ago this dude was selling mixtapes from different Turntablist DJ’s. I bought the set of them and used to bump to them in my Walkman. Well now its your lucky day. I will upload one them every so often.

I played the first one and it sounded really bad. Too high pitched and barely recognizable. So I found the mix tape elsewhere and uploaded it for you all. So here is DJ Babu Back to the Lab Mix Tape from 1993. Enjoy.


Hit Squad’s own Das Efx came by the drum one gloomy Sunday Night. Skoob and Krazy Drayzy killed it like they usually did. I remember when they came out with “They Want EFX.” Their diggity style just fit, but after a few albums they got rather gimmicky. But it was their style, and they did it well. Have a great weekend Y’all, I’m on vacation. Peace!


Dog House Prank Calls 6

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Elvis calls up a guy about his custom motorcycle that he had built and was stolen. Guy acts like a tough guy. Classic.


Elvis talks to a guy who cut a tree too far back at a property, and isn’t getting his deposit back. Hilarious.


Brooklyn’s own Smooth Da Hustla and his brother Trigger Da Gambler came through the DRUM show and spit heat at the mic’s. “Broken Language” was one of my all time favorite tracks. Even though it had a catchy style to it, almost like a Das Efx diggity catchiness, it was raw. And “the mansion having sauna soaker” is one of my all time favorite verses from that track. Anyways, check this track out. Enjoy.


For all of you familiar with my YouTube videos, I posted this up since I got a lot of comments digging this video.

Well on one of my freestyle tapes, I found Meth doing a freestyle to the same beat everybody was so hyped on. So not only did I put up a player so you could hear it first, I also put up the option to download it. Enjoy.


Tame One and El Da Sensei of The Artifacts swooped through the DRUM basement and blew up the mic. When they where in the Bay on the same weekend, they also spit rhymes at another radio station which I will post up in the future. Both MC’s were graffiti artists and when their “Wrong Side of the Tracks” video came out, us writers from RWC got hyped. I am also posting up the video for your enjoyment. One!


And the video.

Redman came to the DRUM show and killed it with 27 minutes of continous freestyle. Well most of them were written raps, but whatever. He spit rhymes. Or more than JayZ did when he came to the DRUM. But whatever. I broke this one up into 2 parts. 2 times the fun. Enjoy.


Premier The Great

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yes, Premier the Great. All I have to say is wow. Beats so crisp. OOOOHHHHHHHH. And yes a weird combination. Termanology and Bun B. What?

Western Hemisphere came up north to the DRUM and spit flames at the mics. If you didn’t know, Western Hemisphere consists of Meen Green and Voodu. They also teamed up with on the Underground Airplay Album Vol. 6 which seemed to only come on a cassete. And got down with LMNO, Ras Kass, Key-Kool and DJ Rhettmattic of the Beat Junkies on E=MC5 on the Kozmonautz LP.

Support your California MC’s. These guys rips shit. Buy there album.

And keep your ears peeled, because I have an even longer session coming up in the near future with Ras Kass and Voodu. Enjoy!!!


Underground Airplay Vol. 6