Milano Constantine & BodyBagBen – Brutus – feat. Supreme Cerebral
Conway – Kill All Rats feat. Ransom & Rome Streetz
Al.Divino & Grubby Pawz – Fiendneedle feat. Estee Nack
Slant Heddshotts & CloaqxDagger – Cerberus feat. I.N.F & P-Ro
Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon x Sadhugold & Al.Divino-Off Top Freestyle
Mooch – Slap
Da Cloth & Big Ghost Ltd – Pound 4 Pound
Mad1ne-Loyalty Ties feat. B-Hop, Ibe Hustles & Jamar Equality
Really Hiiim – Hezekia Flow feat. Willie The Kid
Phil A & Rasson Arigato-Mindhunters feat. Flashius Clayton
Dueling Experts – Come for My Crown
Tragedy Khadafi – Animal Planet feat. Nems & Apathy
The Fix – Real Shit
Moor Mother & Billy Woods-Chimney feat. Mach-Hommy
Slant Heddshotts & CloaqxDagger – Glad Bagz feat. Aztech From Hybrid Thoughts & DJ Slipwax
Mooch – Tuesday feat. Rob Gates & Rome Streetz
Al.Divino & Grubby Pawz – Adios
Remy Banks – Beef & Broc feat. Rome Streetz
Ethemadassassin – Hannibal’s Men feat. Hus Kingpin
Rahiem Supreme – Jewel City Thieves
MF DOOM – Who You Think I Am (Feat. King Caesar, Rodan, Megalon, K.D., King Ghidra, & Kong)

Kurlee and Franko get together for a shortee podcast to update fools on all the current projects we had been working on. And a few current stories to share. Here’s some tracks we played as well:

Grand Invincible
Tony Molina
Rome Streetz IG Live
Milano Constantine & BodyBagBen

Had to put out my last mix of the year. Fuck 2020. Fuck Covid. Fuck haters.

It all started with Immortal Fate and Plutocracy. From there the branches and fingers formed. We got O.G.s and Young Bucks in this piece now. WBAD!

This is to all my family, homies and those I was able to connect with WORLDWIDE this year. This is for all you. Love you all.